Saturday, July 18, 2009

REQUEST: warming part of La mer

This is amongst the long overdue request,. an elaboration of warming part La mer..

This is what i needed for the whole face..
The traditional way of warming it, puting it on finger tips and sliding it up and down a bit, I try not to warm it on the whole finger since i feel like my fingers are absorbing the cream that Im left with little to put on my face..
This is what i got from the internet say my fingers are darn cold, I warm it the center of my palm and warm by making little circle, again so that the cream will not be spread on entire palm..
This is what I learned from the La mer discovery,. warm it on entire fingers its way faster but more cream is needed here since it is spread on the whole fingers..

It should look like this after (using the traditional way of warming)

So there, overdue requests to be served sooner,.HTH..

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