Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hooked on BOF!

MIA again haha!,. This time it’s a nice reason,. I saw my officemate watching Boys over flower on Youtube during lunch break. I said I have no interest on this one since I already saw Meteor Garden but I stayed and watch anyways. As we were watching I found myself curious with the plot, how they will tweak it from the other versions and how much cuter their guys are. They are cute in different ways, I cannot say who’s cuter – Jun pyo, Ji hoo, Yi Jeong or Woo Bin (i like this guy, hehe..). The story have more substance. I think Jan Di is cuter than Shan Cai too.

And there, I got hooked. I watched it on you tube at home for days. I just visit my blogg roll to read updates while youtube is downloading. And that’s it. I don’t even want to write for my blogg just yet. I finished the series. But I started on the part I saw my office mate was watching (they were hooked with each other already, that was the part where they shopped for an outfit going to the island). So Im gonna watch the beginning and hopefully stop in the part I already saw,.

Hehe, So there, an update of me.. 안녕..

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