Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baptism of fire of make-up

When I was in college I suffered from acne,. My skin was so sensitive that I cannot even use johnson’s baby powder. I grew up using derma products,. My routine will be like liquid soap, astringent, acne gel and sunblock,. That’s it. Later part of college years I defray from my derma products and ventured to commercial products,. First thing I tried is ponds moisturizer,. This isn’t for me,. My skin reacted.. Then I tried nivea moisturizer,. And I loved it, no bad reactions. It moisturized my flaky skin plus it has spf,. No need for sunblock. Then I opted for the tinted one coz I really liked to be able to use make-up… Then I saw my mom’s make-up kit,। She was using VMV!॥ I wanted to tried it but she refused coz it might aggravate my skin condition॥ I was hardheaded and went on with it,। Gee, am glad I did॥ From then on I was hooked with make-up (VMV)..

Later on my skin condition normalized, though I stayed with VMV for foundie, powder and blush, I can now use other products for eye shadow, lippies and mascara!..

So what made me (again) defray from it? Look at the price, that’s my last purchase in Y2006.. pretty expensive now ha,..

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