Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maybeline Ustoppable Shiny Black Macara

Being the magazine junkie I am,. Saw this add again and grabbed one myself,

Bare Lashes (and skin at morning)..

One coat of Maybeline Ustoppable Shiny Black Macara..


-Its cheap for P349..

-This made my lashes livelier, I’ve long and curled lashes already but I love how it made my lashes stand out,. It usually isn’t as noticeable when I put on heavy eye shadows..

- No spider legs look (which I really hate that’s why I (almost) never use mascara

- Didn’t smudge, and no raccoon eyes the following morning.. (I always get this with other brand no matter how I wash my eyelashes the eveing before)


- Nadda,. Since I’m not a mascara junkie,. This one did just fine..

Will I buy again? Sure when I ran out of this..

1 comment:

shasta said...

You have just sold me on that mascara. :p