Saturday, September 27, 2008

Organizing MMU part1..

I’ve always read that some gals are hesitant on switching to Mineral make-up (MMU) coz its messy on bag,. I say why bring them with you,. If you’re a student leave some on your locker room, if you’re already working have a kikay kit in you drawer.. MMU stays anyway, you might just wanna retouch once otherwise it tends to cake,.. so here’s how I organize my MMU.. At the office … I’ve four पौचेस

The make-kit I bought from MAD Minerals
contains the foundie, finpow and ES..

XOXO pouch more ES and Blushes (All MMU)..

Mesh Bag… some more MMU and non-MMU like uber chead fashion21 stick eyeshadow and nichido girts night out lining pencil/shadows.. and mascara..

Pink pencil case I use for storing my brushes॥

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