Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great moisturizer

I’ve mentioned in my previous entry that cyleina soaps tend to dry my skin,. So I was in constant search for lotion and body oils to counteract dryness and peeling.. And the winners are: Olay in-shower body lotion and Palmer’s moisturizing body oil (so far..)..

Olay Age Defying In-shower body lotion:

“Olay moisturizers and vitaNiacin penetrate deep within the surface to condition skin for up to 24 hours. Fights dryness that comes with aging skin. Daily use will reveal younger-looking skin in 5 days!”

Sounds nice eigh?!! But true enough, it lives to its promises,. My skin was supple, soft. smooth and moisturized.. no more peeling and dryness.. So how do you use this? After cleansing, smooth onto wet skin . I prefer to wait for 1 minute before rinsing coz I think it allows the product to penetrate deeper into skin, hence getting the most out of the product. After that I rinse off, but don’t rub off your skin too much! It will really leave a sticky after-feel, but ounce you’ve toweled off your body and have your body’s totally dry, you’ll love the super smooth skin you have..

It also leaves gold glittery flecks on skin, Its not flashy anyway, it shows though when sunray hits your skin,. I think this will also be great for gals who party out,. No need for body dusting, its like body make-up already, makes skin instantly radiant!

Im totally inlove with this product and I’m sticking on this,. I think the “age-defying” thing sounds like bells on my ear…

But what about if Im on a hurry, and that I cant afford rinsing twice and an extra minute of waiting.. the answer :

Palmer’s Moisturizing body Oil:

“A no-rinse moisturizing light oil with pure cocoa butter and Vitamin E to help soften and soothe rough and dry skin.”

It absorbs quickly, a little goes a long way,. Love how my skin really smells like cocoa/choco.. So what makes it more special than Nuetrogena body oil (which I’ve used too before)? The price! It’s a hundred or too bucks cheaper.. Plus Nuetrogena’s main component is sesame seed oil,. That’s it, its minimalist coz its supposed to be hypoallergenic.. In Palmer’s you got soybean oil, SESAME SEED OIL, safflower seed oil, cocoa butter, Vit E and A (in form of beta carotene) .. that’s way better for me, more moisturizing agent to prevent aging.. and the best part of it, its devoid of parabens. **grin**…

You might be thinking its too sticky for use of those with oily skin, then I guess just use lesser! It will be absorbed anyway.. And yah USE LESS, I once got exaggerated in using this, and my) officemate (when she held my arm) commented “ang lagkit mo” (you’re skin is sticky)..

Geez,. Im loving both of them, that I sometimes use it alternately.. Skin is really hydrated for 24 hours! And the best part of it, I can still slather on SPF lotion on exposed area (arms, legs) without feeling like a walking grease ball (well that’s me coz I’ve dry skin)..

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