Monday, August 18, 2008

Cyleina, new HG soap

Lets begin with product review of my new HG (holy grail) cleanser,. CYLEINA SOAPS..
I've used almost all variant of this soap namely:

black pearl
* Whitens skin tone instantly!
* lightens dark spots and pimple scars
* Effective in lightening dark underarms and inner thighs caused by imbalanced hormones, chemical burns from deodorants
*anti-wrinkle&best skin moisturizer
*safe and will not sting!
*see results as early as first use!

Recommendation: This product performs best when used continually and also recommended for oily acne prone skin

Black pearl inspired soap made from the finest high grade quality of arbutin, collagen oil, and Vitamins C & E. Only the best ingredients that mother nature can give are used in this creation.

i use this on face, skin becomes softer, i dont use it though on body coz it tends to dry my body

rice bran
healthy white and flawless skin is the promise of rice bran soap by cyleina!
heals skin allergies, disinfects pimples, smoothens the texture of your skin and exfoliates dead skin cells making you totally skin confident!

(for exfoliation) even out skin tone, i use this on body, you can actually rub-off the dead skin cells, and sometimes causes obvious peeling for days,. a follow up moisturizer is a must.

shea butter
made of shea butter, arbutin, goat's milk and fresh fruit extract, good for moisturizing and mild whitening.

papaya goat milk
made of sweet melon, goat's milk, and papaya with vit c to exfoliate dead skin for a whiter healthier skin
This is my favorite soap for body since its not as drying a kojic.

kojic papaya with gluta
organic blend of kojic and green papaya extracts that whitens and exfoliates dry skin cell. It acts like a refreshing astringent with softening action that reduces fine lines and even skin tone

If kojic soap dont dry your skin, this one is an excellent whitener for you

reduces fine line and tightens skin,. I can actually feel the tightening effect on my face o a moisturizer is a must.. not a whitening soap..

a mild whitening soap with fresh fruit to counter act sunburned and heavily blemished skin, poppy seed serves a scrub.

not my favorite, i like rice bran better,. i think this i great for those with sunburn coz it really is mild compared to rice bran

Honey Oatmeal
no whitening effect,.. it just exfoliates.. good for those that's not into whitening.. BF likes this

nice smell, relaxes your senses

Grapeseed with glutha
this give radiant healthy glow on skin,. love this..

Triple citric

Excellent whitener, they say, cant see the whitening difference with kojic except for smell, really smells citrus.

Other cyleina soaps I haven’t tried

Choco – moisturizes skin, no whitening effect

Toamato – good for blemished skin..

Mild lines - for sensitive kin,..

Mild White.
Glycerin with Vitamin E soap that is created for the gentle skin.It nourishes your baby soft skin making it ultra smooth and silky to touch. Pampers your skin

Mild Yellow.
Creamy Yogurt blended with fresh bananas to give your skin a revitalizing boost. Calms irritated stressed skin while providing a softening feel. Nourishes your skin

Mild Green.

Infused with Avocado and cucumber. This formulation is rich in Vitamins A, B, D and E .Has natural oils to help hydrate the skin and help maintain the suppleness of your face and body. Revitalizes your skin

Mild Orange
Placenta is the main ingredient of this soap. It soothes the skin from pollution irritation, whitens the skin without the sting and gives your skin a flawless feel. Capture beauty with CyLeina Mild Orange.

Mild RED
Lavish blend of Rose oil and Papain enzyme which soothe wrinkled skin while gently whitening the skin. Moisturizing complex of rose hip oil softens your face and body. Love your skin with CyLeina Mild Red.

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