Monday, August 18, 2008

Stop sweating with Driclor

Ever experience an overly sweaty UA? Embarrassing, eigh? Fret no more, the ultimate solution for overly active sweat glands - Driclor,. At first i was hesitant to buy one coz its way expensive for an antiperspirant, this costs P800++.. But I really want to be able to use my coats going to office without worrying of having marks on my clothes. I also wanna be able to use closed shoes without wearing foot socks you cant hide. And most of all I wanna put an end on my sweaty hands,.

So then I decided to buy one myself,. Instruction says it is to be used on night. On the first week I used it for 3 consecutive nights. Upon application my UA is so itchy and red. I tried hard not to scratch it to avoid darkening. My feet and hand felt weird. Its not as soft as it was before but it sure does stop sweating on my UA and minimizes sweating on hand and feet.

After the 3 straight nights of using it, I switched to every other night (for 2 weeks only) after that I tried weekly ( for 2 week ) My UA, hand and feet are back to normal, soft and smooth, no sweating at all now. Now im on every 2 weeks stage. It sure does feel itchy still on UA but at least I only have to suffer this every 2 weeks,. Sooner I’ll be on my maintenance stage wherein I’ll minimize my use to once a month. That is why driclor is economical in a sense that a bottle l last very long. Highly recommended for you active gals!

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