Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini Lush Haul

Lush is one product I've tried many years ago, even before I started blogging. Just like everybody else what caught my attention to the store is the scent that you get to sniff even if your 1 to 2 stores away from Lush store itself.

Although the stray kikay blogger me must venture to other (cheaper) products, so I tried other organic products like Bynature handmade soap, Venus and Mars, Human Heart and nature, etc. . Now that reminds me of my lots of pending review. Geesh, too bad I wasn't able to recover anymore the lost files in my previous PC.

Nweys, no reviews yet, just eye candies of my recent Lush hauls,..

Therephy Massage Bar

Foam a Friend soap stack (Sultana Soap, Sexy Peel) and a Freebie which I forgot the name, but its amongst the limited edition, so I guess I wont be seeing this in store anymore..)

Helping Hands

Dream Cream

That's it,..

Have a nice day ladies!..


EveryDay Makeup blog said...

I get dizzy with all the scent inside the Lush store. But I really want to try their seeweed stuff.

shatzlaine said...

As for me, embarassing as it may seem, i always sneeze,. =)

i want the seaweed stuff too,. considering another Lush haul real soon,.

Justine said...

Hi, sang Lush branch ka pumunta? And pano ka nagkafreebie? Hihi, bat ako di binibigyan :|

shatzlaine said...

@Justine, sa MOA ako,. sa GB and Glorietta walang freebie,. hehe,..