Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beach Hut Hair and Scalp SPF20

If we protect our skin from the sun, we've gotta do it for our hair too . It's always been our habit (or should I say, It's a must) that we put conditioner on our hair before diving into the pool or the beach. It will not only lessen the damage from chlorine and seawater but also makes our hair easier to comb after the abuse. Sadly that's just what it do, prevent too much tangle. But it doesn't actually protect our hair from the sun hence, our hair is left coarse , and become freezy days after.



That's the advantage of this product. Not only it keeps our hair moisturized and soft, it actually protects hair from the sun (and chlorine).

I've used this last year and had proven its efficacy. I've digipermed and colored my hair so its really susceptible to damage. Amazingly, my hair was in perfect condition even after several swimming trips. It was never dry, didn't lost luster nor had i seen split ends. Another plus point for this is that, usage is not restricted on pools or beach. For days that I'll be basked in the sun like going to theme park, picnic or out of towns, I also spray this in my hair since my hair loses luster and gets dry if fried under the sun.

The finish depends of course on how much you put on your hair. for swimming purposes i definitely go gaga on spraying this focusing more on the ends and don't forget the scalp. It gives me the wet look, beach hair effect. For non-water activities, I just spray enough to cover the top part and spray on the inner part too. Sure It'll weigh down hair and give oily look on hair, but hey, I'd be putting it on low pony do anyweys, I dont think I'll ride the roller coaster nor would go on windy out of town spot with my hair all down. Did that once and I looked like I haven't combed for years. Or maybe I'm just not blessed with "balik ayos" hair.

Be warned though, that after shampooing, hair sometimes is still oily. Naturally, it's an oil and really requires shampooing twice to get rid of the goo. I don't shampoo my hair twice in one shower session, its too harsh for hair. I't wont hurt to sport that extra sheen on hair anyweys.

Another must have for summer season.

tata for now ladies!..


noone said...

uggh I hate how after shampooing the scalp is still oily! I know the scalp has to be misturized all the time but I can't stand greasey hair on myself lol

Unknown said...

Summer is just around the corner and I'm not looking forward to it lol. This is a great post to remind us ladies that we should protect our hair too under the hot sun :)

Shen said...

i like! will definitely nab this when i do my watsons grocery. :) hehehe!