Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunplay Superblock SPF130 PA+++

I just came back from our outing and I just cant wait to rave about this baby!.



True to claim, its got watery texture that spreads nicely and thinly and get absorbed right away. It is by far the most lightweight and non-greasy sunblock I've tried! It didn't sting my face or gave me red patches and rashes like what I used to get from high SPFs. Love the fact too that it lends a clear and refresh look as oppose to other sunblock that lends me dewy finish but darkens on my face coz I'm acidic that i need to top it off with powder to control shine and achieve a refreshed look. With sunplay, I didn't have to mattify it with powder.

Also the size of the tube was deceiving. When I bought this, I thought to myself, its small and will be good for few applications only, which is good coz I really dont finish up a whole tube for the whole summer. Since the consistency is thin and watery, it covers more skin area hence we tend to use less. That way its economical and I should say, a true value for money.

It didn't create a white cast on me too

without flash

with flash

Now the Con's of course there's no perfect product, nor is there any one-product-fits-all kinda' thing. While it tamed the shine on my face, It's a little drying on my skin. Sure it spreads easily and gets absorbed and feels smooth, but as I leave it longer, I feel my skin tightening, Yup, its drying my skin (Well, coz I've bad case of dry skin dilemma). As for others this might not arise as an issue. Second, it didn't state on the packaging if its safe for use around eye area especially that its got a super high SPF. Well, if its drying for my body, then maybe its gonna be drying for my eye area too. I just used my trusted clinique sunblock for my peepers anyweys.

My only mistake perhaps is that I didn't wait for it to settle on my skin. We've always been informed that we need to wait for 30 minutes to stabilized it before basking in the sun. Since the direction on the packaging was silent about it, It slipped my mind As I usually use Nivea immediate protection, just minutes after applying it, I jumped into the pool, and there, I see my sunblock running down my skin, and the worst, it stung my eyes big time!

Well, over all I didn't see my color changed. (think) my skin didn't darkened much. Most of all it's one sunblock you can for long sun exposure related activities. Its light, wont clog pores and most of all, I didn't smell like screaming SUNBLOCK!. Got t idea? Scent is faint, you wont even notice its got one.

So that's it,. one summer adventure down, and there's more cookin'.

tata for now ladies!..

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