Thursday, February 18, 2010

ZEN Greenteas & Olive Organic Body Scrub

I've been roadtesting several organic products now, from shampoos, soaps to lotions. ZEN is one of brandname I hoarded products from. BTW ZEN is different from Zen Zest.



Iluveet! I'ts a foaming scrub. To be used in liu of our bathsoap once or twice a week. No it doesn't bubble, its like washing your skin with cream cleanser. It uses apricot seeds and green tea leaves as exfoliant.

Smells so much like my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume. Leaves skin invigorated, cleansed whithout the raw feeling unlike some other salt scrub I've used. Skin feels so pampered. I can actually use this everyday! **wish**.. Im addicted! Green tea + olive extract +EVO + Vit E combo, how can we not love it! Antioxidant and super skin moisturizer.

A must try, indeed!


Kessa Thea said...

I have tried this and I love it too... :-)


hi shatz! where did you get your zen products?

reply in my cbox na lang. thanks. :)

*tintin rejano* said...

hi, where did you get these?


shatzlaine said...

girls, used to buy it at SM makati, but they dont have stall there anymore last time I visit. I saw one in Megamall supermarket, the stalls in the grocery entrance. Saw multiply resellers too.