Friday, February 26, 2010

Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal Anti-age Hand Care

Cold temperature in the office and frequent washing dries my hands so I tried this hand lotion thinking I'd put it in my bag since i wash my hand too when at mall or restaurant.



Leaves hand slightly oily, satiny feel. The consistency is runny that i dont have to squeeze the bottle, just tilt it and the lotion will come out.

See how runny it is? i just poured some on my hand and it run down my hand. So i thought i cannot put this in my bag, it might spill all over when the flip top cover accidentally snapped off. It ended up a lotion I put beside my bed since I moisturize my hand before going to sleep,. Moisture freak, but seriously I've a worst case of dry skin on body (but normal to oily on face). My skin itches when dry

As to efficacy, after religiously using it, the lines on my hand minimized, it is brighter and even toned. A good investment I'd say. But nothing dramatic change or spectacular at once effect, you will have to wait.

Will I repurchase? hhmm, You know I don't stick in one product otherwise I wouldn't have anything to review. But I can recommend it to you guys. For a price of P219.75 (when I bought this), it's cheap enough.

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Askmewhats said...

haven't tried this! I am too lazy to use hand lotion/cream :)