Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This happened to my friend and we talked about it thru chat. I copy-paste it here,. i wont translate it anymore since its only applicable on Philippine setting, and i'm to warn Filipinos only

***: may tumawag dito nakuha raw nya nyung pangalan ko sa *****college

nag offer ng job interview, tinatanong kung may trabaho na raw ba ako at kung registered nurse na ko sabi ko oo
ang scope of work daw eh healthcare and nutritional parang magtuturo ako

inisked ako ng interview sa fri. 3:30 pm 15th flr. daw eteleperformance bldg., san miguel ave. corner ortigas ave. pasig city ang ibaba daw ay BDO

hinigi yung celfone ko at binigay celfone nya

syempre binigay ko na exite ako eh

tapos sabi nya text ko raw sya pag nasa building na ko, ang isip k naman wow napaka accomodating naman nito

tapos syempre sinearch ko yung address kasi di ko alam to eh

ang alam ko nasa pinoeer yung e teleperformance

kaka search ko nakita ko yung mismong address , hindi sya eteleperformance bldg. kundi octagon bldg. may ofis dun ang eteleperformance pero 14th flr.

nung tinype ko yung exact adress lumabas na scam pala yun yung sinabi sa kin yun ang exactly sinabi sa iba, na dont backout at last minute at mukhang professional naman daw akong kausap

ME: so ano mangyayari pag andun k n?

sobrang haba ng mga sinasabi ng iba eh basta in short, networking,

itype mo sa yahoo search: 15th floor octagon building, san miguel avenue pasig city
sobrang haba ng mga sinasabi ng iba eh basta in short, networking,

seminar yata tapos ooferan ka ng product na ibebenta mo

sabi ng isa pumunta raw sya pero nasayang lang daw yung oras nya

sinabi pa magbihis professional attire daw eh yung mga tao raw dun mga mukhang tindera

buti nga daw di sya ng 3 piece terno eh baka raw magbow na raw ang mga tao dun

There, so guys beware, companies have way to get from our dear alma matter the vital infos such as name, address and contact numbers. They do this to help us land a job.

But this is PANLOLOKO. Networking donot happen on mall haggling anymore.. Sad, isn't it.. They waste your time, they give false hope and expectation,. Its freakin' hard to land a job nowadays so encountering one like this could be frustrating and depressing,.

Geesh, i need to stop typing or this rant will never end,.

Interested to know what company is this? Google it,. hehe.. i used their product before and I think their product is good although overpriced.. they dont have to do this.. enough!.. whew..


Crystal said...

naku grabe naman yan! buti at nagresearch ka muna.

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

omg thats crazy. it seems like theyve been coming up with new scams to trick people.

Askmewhats said...

thanks Shatz for telling this to your readers, you've helped so much people but I am sincerely sorry you have to go through this! I will google the address right after my comment!

September said...

Yeah, that's a company that sells skin care products, I think that's NU SKIN. I have been into one of their seminars,because I was offered a free facial treatment. LOL.

shatzlaine said...

ahhmm, i made some edit on the post,. it happened to my friend, and we talked bout it thru chat so i copy-paste it here,. sorry ro confuse you guys, buy anyhow, i still feel bad about it, a little annoyed and angry,.

Pop Champagne said...

awww can't read it.. but yeah I hate companies try to scam people, like when they call you and try to get your personal credit card info from you ugh

shatzlaine said...

*pop champagne - its about a call my friend got. caller said my friend is set for a job interview for healthcare and/or nutritional teacher post. was adviced to wear profesional attire,. when searched in the internet for location map, turned out that the company is for pyramiding, seminar will be just for selling prods and recruiting downlines,.

ohno, never give credit card info such as expiry date even credit limit,. they can find a way to hack them,. i saw one like that at a mall,. saying its for charitable donation,. the form is asking for CC#, expiry date, the digits indicated at the back(signature part of the card), give all these and they can very much access your card for online shopping,.

SPO4 Bantay Scam said...

Good thing you your friend didn't fall into their trap. Who won't be annoyed with their tactics anyway (among others, Sunday or evening phone calls, no mention of their company, and most of all misrepresentation of their "opportunity")?

For more information especially detailed information about how these NuSkunks do business,please feel free to visit this site


Tish said...

I know what you're talking about. My high school friend tricked me into this more than 2years ago. My mom knew that it was some kind of networking thingy but I trusted my friend so I went. True enough, I wasted my time going there and listening to crap. A lot of my high school friends "worked" for that company, but after a lot of politicking and crap, they left.

I've heard their products are good but way overpriced to sell.

By the way, everything your friend said here was true.