Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aubrey Nicole Sale

Got this email from Aubrey Nicole Cosmetics॥

Can You Believe It?? The year is almost over and what better way to bring 2008 to a Very Sweet close than with a FREE SHIPPING sale from Aubrey Nicole।
FREE SHIPPING within the United States AND all around the WORLD!

Even sweeter - we'll let you choose your discount!! FREE SHIPPING or 15% OFF of your entire purchase!**

This is an Un-Advertised FREE Shipping or 15% OFF SALE for those customers who receive our eNewsletter. Decide which discount works best in your favor and type the code in the coupon code box when you place your order and you will receive either FREE SHIPPING or 15% OFF, whether you live next door or across the world. This Un-Advertised Sale will only run for a limited time so don't miss out!

Be sure to check out our new Handcrafted Soaps! They are BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING and we have so many UNBELIEVABLE fragrances to choose from. And we're adding new selections as they become available. BIG, WHOPPING 4oz Handmade, Handcut bars are long lasting and smell so sweet! All Natural, Vegan; Olive Oil blends, Three-Milk blends, Shea Butter blends and more.

15% OFF: Use Coupon Code 15OFF08
**Free Shipping Code and 15% off code both require a minimum purchase of $10.00**

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