Saturday, November 15, 2008

Air Stockings Perfect Fit and Jewel-Jewel

Reading the cosmo awards and preview beauty awards, I was intrigued that this Air Stocking Jewel-Jewel both made their list. I always wear stockings at office to hide my mosquito bites but had always wished that I can get off them someday coz honestly wearing stockings sometimes is a hassle especially if you’ve just bought them and then your stockings got ‘run’.. goodbye to your Php300++ Wacoal stockings!..

So I headed to the mall and tested it,. But the SA recommended the other version which is the perfect fit. She said this is more appropriate for office.. I said what’s the difference.. she says that jewel-jewel is shimmery and sparkly, while perfect fit, has less sparkle almost unnoticeable.. testing it at the mall, I see no difference (maybe bcoz of the lighting) so I was torn what to buy .. but I trusted the SA and took the perfect fit,. When I went out of the mall I checked my swatches (at my arms) in day light and was so surprised the Jewel-Jewel is indeed sparkly, perfect leg make-up for night-outs and parties,. While the perfect fit is silky finish have tiny sparkles but is definitely toned down compared to jewel-jewel॥

So it says that it can conceal bruises, spider veins and evens out skin-tone.. It does evens out skin-tone, and minimizes the appearance of spider-veins the ones on my hand are really big and apparent compared so it still shows a bit (but thank goodness I don’t have that on my legs)…

Verdict: 5/5

Will I buy it again: Yes just use it sparingly, say on special occasions, but hey a little goes a long way here, so I can use it too on daily basis.. the biggest canister costs P998.75.. don’t know yet how long will this last me,.


ayen_valencia said...

is perfect fit available in watsons'?

shatzlaine said...

yes sis, I actually bought it at watsons MOA..