Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First post for 2011!..

I’ve been receiving messages asking why I’ve been MIA for the longest time. Well I just don’t feel like doing it. I wanted to take a break from blogging though I’ve a lot of pending reviews. Plus uploading pics in blogspot sucks! i'll have to wait long for picture uploads. I abhor waiting (friends knows that.. tehee..), so I ended up deleting the post,.

Till lately, my willingness to write and share my thoughts was revived. Although, my blog is gonna take a new spin. Now my blog will be riding with me as I venture a more challenging life,. What am I talkin’?

I’m engaged!..

My blog will now not confide with beauty junks only but will become sort of a journal of my joys and pain and of course my long preparation for the BIG day. Sure will still blog bout beauty things, its just, I felt my blog now has got some depth.

At first I wanted to make a separate web for our wedding story just like the ones I’m seeing nowadays with other couples, but heck, I’d still pay programmers for the site wherein I can freely write it in my blog, The beauty of it is that I can even post the preparation detail like the options we had for suppliers, what made us chose them and of course the (dreaded) Rating! Kidding!.. But yah I will, it’s just I’d be nicer not to bash them like what I do when I hate a beauty product I’ve purchased. Unless things turn really sour .. hopefully not,.. hehe..

Me and Fiancé (gotta get used to that word, huh!).. are just happy that we finally decided to plan for our future together. We are both thrilled by the thoughts that soon we will be husband and wife. We just can’t wait for 2012. But there’s one challenge!.. Originally I wanted to give it my all since its gonna be a once in a lifetime event, and that bcoz I’m the only girl in the family. But we instead decided to go on a budget since we will be needing to save more for our future family. Expenses will be shouldered by me and fiancé only [donations are welcome though ;-) ]. That’s the challenge, to trim expenses, despite the really big clan we have!,..

So there, exciting indeed, makes me anxious at the same time..

Us, celebrating our engagement

Tata for now girls!


Pammy said...

Congratulations! Wish you guys all the love and happiness. :)

Crystal said...

congratulations! we'll be looking forward to your posts about your preps :)

louise said...

Congratulations...wishing you so much joy and love! :D

Shen said...

Weee!! Congratulations!!

donnarence said...


Askmewhats said...

Congratulations!!!! Are you still at PNB ba? I think my hubby said he saw you once daw after our "kita kits"

I am so happy for you! :)

shatzlaine said...

thanks girls!

@sis nikki, yup im still with PNB,.. sana ask nya ko,. hehe..

princess kumod said...

congratulations!!!! =)


Wow sis! Congratulations on your engagement, i'm so happy for you and finally your back to blogging again, it would be awesome to take a peek into your adventures in engagement:-)