Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vidal SassonTourmaline Ceramic Straightener

I dunno but i dont wanna rebond my hair anymore, I did it 2 years ago and the ultra sleek look isn't just appealing to me. I dont like it also that I cant tuck my hair on my ear coz it will give a permanent wave on my hair nor can I put it up on pony or whatever coz it will create waves on my hair. I only want to tame the waves while maintaining volume. I also like my hair curly sometimes so rebond really cant be an option for me.

I dont like the idea also of stying in the saloon for 8 hours. I dont like waitting too long. In fact I only go to saloons for a hair cut that's it. I even find the blow drying process long. Sure Im kikay but I cant wait in vain, hehe..

I scouted for a hair Iron. I initialy wanted to get Remmington but decided to go for Vidal Sasson. Then I was torn between the ceramic and the tourmaline. I tested it on my hair the tourmaline on the right side of hair and the ceramic on the left. The result was handsdown tourmaline! It wasn't freezy, it was shiny, softer and it can give the ultra sleek rebond look when used on high setting (which i dont like but maybe appealing to most of girls). So I got myself the tourmaline.


For my friend's wedding I went for curly do, I used Loreal TE bounce whip (will review the shole TE line soon).

FOTD (Using Pure Anada MMU)
adding feather head band

the freebie which for me is blah,. hehe,.

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Askmewhats said...

shatz you look gorgeous in curly hair! :)