Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's in my vanity cabinet- The 4th and final Installment: The Bags,.

The final installment I save the best for last (I think,. ). Stacked up it look like this,.
Lost some dust bags already so I put them on huge plastics. It doesn’t look good so I’m thinking of buying a dust bag for each of them,.

Here they are unveiled.

My collection by brand:

Kathy Van Zeeland – love the rocker chic, modern-hip style for gimiks

Nine West – basic black and brown for office with the exception of one studded bag. Lacoste – for casual days
Guess, CK, Tommy Hilfigger and Ralph Lauren
Freebies from Clinique and Lancome
Liz Claiborne (the black ones) and Rosetti (the brown) – for office too

Etc… Gucci, LV, Fendi
I've always love bags more than clothes. I use to buy nice non-branded bags. Then my lemming evolved,.hehe,. Would you believe that except for the two brown LVs ( I had them since late 90's) subsequent purchases for this collection was in Y2006 only? Big spender, really,.

I think I have more than enough bags. I (hopefully) won’t buy anymore till next year. As BF says, branded bags are heavy duty, they’re not disposables. They last long that I grow tired of them sooner than they’re actually worn-out. Lately im lemming for Channels, LVs, Guccis,. so I need to stop and look at all these, I have a good collection already,.

So there, the final installment,. I hope you guys enjoy sight-seeing,.

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Anonymous said...

I love your bag collection!! I want one of that LV bags! haha Well I wanted to let you know that I am selling my Juicy Couture Baby Tote Bag! Come check it out and let me know if your interested!!

Ayen said...

nice collection! i think I'll start one na din. =)