Sunday, September 20, 2009

Long break from blogging is over,.

It’s a nice break from blogging,. I’ve a lot to blog but needed time off from my PC,. Needed it badly otherwise I'll be posting more rants rather than the usual kikay stuff. Well these past weeks we’ve been busy also preparing for the dance number for our team building,. I think its worth sharing it here,. It was held at Mimosa, Clark Pampanga

The Group..
The first costume.. nice break too from the usual corporate get-up,. tehee..
Second attire (with sir Raul)
The group during dinner..

Love the vanity mirror of the villas.. look how huge the mirror is.. I told myself when I get my own house I want a vanity counter like this too,.

As usual , I did their make-up, been doing it for the past year during parties and special occasions. I'm enjoying the fact that they entust me their faces, hehe..

My paraphernalia..

nice mess eigh,.

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