Saturday, May 8, 2010

My curls

Been sporting medium to long straight hair for more than ten years. So I opted for a change. Here's how my hair looks the night before my perm

My new curls,. I had it digipermed at Simon Kim salon. Why him? It's cheaper there compared to other korean salons,. tehhee,.

Two weeks after... (pardon the dark spots, just had my warts removal)

Three weeks after,.
Everyday is like different curl style,. depends on how i scrunch and twist it, or whether I comb my hair or not.

What I love with curl do, is that i dont have to comb my hair the entire day. My friends knows me well for not combing my hair throughout the day, so this complements me. Special care is needed for curl do, it may be wash and wear, but prepping time takes longer, I think I'll make a separate post about that. Hair tends to freeze so anti-freeze serum is a must,. But over all I love it! shorter hair indeed, but is suits the hot weather nowadays..

A last look of my long locks,. it will be missed,. tehhee,..

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Minaki333 said...

Your new hair suits you very well sis,super nice! Makes me miss my long hair tuloy.hehe