Monday, October 26, 2009

A welcome addition to my perfume collection

As I mentioned on my perfume post, I’m out of stock of 2 my HG perfumes (namely Lancome Miracle and Burberry London),. So I got myself replenishment already. So there my Burberry London

Bath and Body Works Chocolate amber

It’s not full? Correct. The story behind is, I throw my pack lunch at my officemate’s trash bin. It kind of smell so I borrowed my officemate’s alcohol on atomizer so I can spray it and try to mask the smell. She instead gave me this, and I said “Ok ka lang?” (way of saying “are you sure?”).

She said “yes I don’t like the smell, I don’t like sweet scent I use it as insect repellant instead.” And I said “Nge, me I like sweet scent, aside of course with floral musk.” Then she said “ You can take it, its yours.”.

How can I refuse, Libre e! (It’s for free!). Hehe.. The perfume addict me was all smiles like a child given a candy,. And why not, the body splash smells like chocolate vanilla.

I seldom use body splash, coz the scent never really last on me. I only keep a bottle to refresh myself, say I went out of office at noon time, I walk under the sun, etc.. I’ve tried Victoria’s Secret and Avon, the smell doesn’t last, but it does its job, it refreshes my body. Surprisingly this one, the scent lasts on my shirt and skin. It serves as a perfume already. I see myself testing other variant to see if it’s the same with others. Coz the bottle is different, I don’t know if they have different versions. I can use this for weekends, When I’m just at home, or I need a quick trip to the mall

Bulgari Rose Essentielle

I always see this on magazine, with a slogan of “the scent of a Jeweller”.. I thought at first that, scent will be most likely be my French perfume; strong, heady floral musk. Got a chance to sniff it at the Bazaar in our office and I was thrilled. The scent was flowery musk top notes with sweet under note. Really elegant, sexy smell. I cannot help but put it on my top choice of perfumes. This will be a staple one on my cabinet from now on.

So what’s my top five scent now? (yes five, I cannot live with one scent only, I can actually list 10)

Bulgari Rose Essentielle
Burberry London
Mango Adorable
Escada Pacific Paradise
Lancome Miracle

By the way I had a chance to sniff Channel Mademoiselle. Interesting too,. But it’s two perfumes in a row now,. Next time perhaps,.

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